Sky Harbor FBO Facilities

Overnight Hangar Space & Private Jet Services at state-of-the-art facilities

As a leading Full Service FBO in Jacksonville, Sky Harbor has all of the facilities you'll need for your next stop in Jacksonville. Call ahead and our ground crew and front desk will have everything you need ready and waiting.

We always have plenty of hangar space and tie down parking available for overnight or extended stays. And you find the entire staff at Sky Harbor extremely professional, friendly, and ready to make your visit as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

Here are just a few of the Executive Aircraft facilities available at Sky Harbor:

Contract Fuel & Volume Discounts
Quick Turn Refueling - Jet A/100LL
Clean and Well Maintained Courtesy Crew Cars
Experienced Executive Helicopter Handling
Short and Long Term Hangar Space
Short and Long Term Parking & Tie Down
Short and Long Term Vehicle Parking
24 Hour Avgas Self-Service Pump (Taxi Alpha 4 & Alpha 5)



Sky Harbor Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport CRG

I had a last minute flight on 4/6/11 and my tug broke down early that morning. The line service guy (who was the only one on duty at that hour) came over quickly and pulled me out of the hangar at no expense and then quickly fueled the aircraft. Definitely was some of the better service that I've seen in Jacksonville. Good job guys, and thank you!

- Phillip Hodges